Who We Are

LEAF Community's Mission:

Lakewood Earth and Food Community is dedicated to the development of a more sustainable, healthful and economically viable community through environmentally responsible actions producing broad access to fresh, local foods, knowledge and culture.

LEAF Board Members:

Margaret Brinich
Rob Burgoyne
Crystal Doten
Andrea Fisher
Emily Hilty
Lisa Hofmann
Sharon Hogan - President

Jacqueline Kowalski
Heather Ramsey - Secretary
Rob Porter
Annie Stahlheber - Treasurer
Chris Stark
Missy Toms 


LEAF Community's inaugural year was successful beyond expectation. Throughout 2007, a network of dedicated volunteers and institutional actors, from local residents to Lakewood Public Library employees, worked together to make possible a number of other innovative projects including LEAF Night and the 'Plover Patch' community garden in Lakewood's Historic Bird Town.

Some of Lakewood Earth and Food Community's accomplishments include:

  • LEAF Night- a weekly community festival: Fresh, Local Foods, Knowledge and Culture

  • Community Supported Agriculture: City Fresh and Covered Bridge Gardens

  • Collective community gardening in Lakewood's Historic Bird Town: aka the Plover Patch

  • Opportunities in Bulk Buying: Grains, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Bee Pollen, Beans, etc.

  • LEAF Barter Table: Whether from you share bag or back yard, trade that excess or orphaned produce and home-made goods at the barter table during LEAF Night

  • LEAF Community Fall Harvest Festival 2007: Closing the season with a Halloween/harvest themed bang, family games, apple bobbing, baking contests, canning demonstrations, freshly prepared food, live music, art and much, much more

LEAF Night, perhaps LEAF's most significant accomplishment during the 2007 season, evolved into a weekly community festival. Each week, these festivals included the group's four foundational initiatives while supporting and transcending them by bringing library resources, demonstrators, local artists and musicians into the fold. In line with LEAF Community's mission, LEAF Nights have acted as a platform for connecting local residents with fresh, local foods, knowledge and culture. We look forward to expanding the breadth and depth of our service to this mission in years to come.

Through cultivating and sustaining a platform for ecologically responsible action, LEAF Community aspires to realize a more sustainable, healthful and economically viable civic future in the city of Lakewood and beyond. In doing do, we hope to unite with and amplify the efforts of other community minded individuals and organizations working to realize a brighter future for our community.

In 2009, our Community Gardening and CSA programs continued to grow, sustaining them will require more volunteer support from individuals like yourself, your friends,family and neighbors. 

The LEAF Community is made possible by your dedication of time, energy, enthusiasm and resources. If you haven't already done so, please email us with a request to our regular email newsletter: The LEAFlet. We need your help. Please join us today.